Industry Links

Meenan Law Firm – Attorneys who specialize in service contracts, GAP and other F&I products.

Hause Actuarial - Leading provider of credit insurance services, including statistical compilations, experience analysis, pricing, valuation and actuarial opinions.

Consumer Credit Industry Association - Whether credit insurance or debt and asset protection products, individuals and financial services providers are regularly confronted with changing compliance expectations. CCIA provides the professional staff and infrastructure enabling members to decrease time spent researching new issues and increase the accuracy and usefulness of information.


P&A Magazine – Publication which covers the F&I administrator and agent space.


Guaranteed Asset Protection Alliance (GAPA) –  supports its members throughout the U.S. through lobbying, legislative tracking, professional association management services, and more.  Its mission is to preserve the viability of the GAP industry,  and to promote fair and equitable regulation of its members and their products.

The Service Contract Industry Council (SCIC) is a national trade association that works with lawmakers across the country to develop fair and uniform regulation to protect consumers, and is an advocate for the regulation of the service contract industry.