managing non-life insured products sold through auto dealers

Managing Non-Life Insured Products Sold Through Auto Dealers- Excerpt: Auto Dealers offer several insurance and insured products through their finance and insurance (F&I) departments other than credit life and credit A&H. Vehicle service contracts, gap and financing are three other products offered by the F&I department that are often insured by property & casualty insurers. We will examine each of these products separately in a three-part series. Part I: Vehicle Service Contract Part II: GAP Part III: Finance Reserve

ratemaking for maximum profitability

Ratemaking For Maximum Profitability – appears in the 2001 Winter Forum Ratemaking Discussion Papers-The goal of ratemaking methodologies is to estimate the future expected costs for a book of business. However, if one looks at the rate activity in a market, it is apparent that company actions do not always follow the indications. Surprisingly, such decisions often lead to successful results. It seems that there must be something going on that is invisible to the naked eye? Do indications really mean so little? Or are there other factors, buried data that is difficult to quantify?

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