Kerper and Bowron is the leader in F&I analysis and actuarial work. Our groundbreaking techniques allow insurers and administrators to analyze data with a precision that is unobtainable using traditional actuarial techniques. For example, our analysis integrates the driving patterns of your insureds, the underlying warranties of your service contracts, parts level analysis of claims, and dynamic modeling of your data.

Our techniques allow insureds to instantly see the impact of changing

underlying warranties and offer a much quicker look at the development of immature contracts. We use advanced statistical techniques to predict the losses on each contract based on the remaining exposure and the attributes of the contract.


We have worked with many clients and can almost always use your existing contract and claims data to develop these projections. Our database of industry warranties allows us to quickly estimate the remaining exposure in your book.


We also have extensive experience with GAP insurance and can estimate the impact of macroeconomic changes in the lending and used car markets to provide insight to the direction of your GAP book. We also work with other products in auto dealerships such as

Tire & Wheel.


In addition to our analytical services, we provide Statements of Actuarial Opinions, rate filing support, captive feasibility studies, valuations for acquisitions and other services.